Tanning Lotions

Why buy lotions from Club Tan?

Every bottle of Lotion we sell is guaranteed to be authentic and fresh. We are an authorized salon to represent the following brands: Designer Skin, Devoted Creations, Ed Hardy, Supre, Hempz, Pro Tan, Fiesta Sun, Playboy, California Tan, Swedish Beauty, Australian Gold.

As a Club Tan client, every $10 spent on tanning lotion earns you $8 in FREE TANNING! If you sign up for one of our VIP value tanning memberships, not only do you enjoy the lowest prices for tanning, you get a 20% discount on your tanning lotions AND DOUBLE THE FREE TANNING!

Tanning Lotion Basics

IMPORTANT: No matter what type of tanning lotion you prefer, it is important to use an indoor formulated tanning lotion. Outdoor lotions, oils and sunscreens are prohibited from use in our tanning beds. Lotions are sold in-store only.

There are four main types of lotions available for purchase.

  1. Intensifiers or Accelerators are lotions that naturally promote a dark tan without the use of bronzers through hydration with skin conditioners and melanin activators.
  2. Bronzers are lotions with added color enhancers to further promote a dark tan. Bronzers can be either natural or cosmetic for an immediate color boost or may contain delayed “self tanning” agents such as DHA. Bronzers are the most popular form of Tanning lotion.
  3. Tingles are recommended for experienced tanning clients. Tingles can be either an Intensifier or a Bronzer. After applying lotion to the skin, active ingredients cause a flushing or reddening of the skin accompanied with a heated tingling sensation. This Tingle process results in a deeper, darker tan.
  4. Cooling lotions with a refreshing, natural cooling essence. Cooling Lotions can be either an Intensifier or a Bronzer.